Landlord/Tenant issues, while seemingly straightforward, can become quite complex once the eviction and litigation process begins. The eviction and demand documents must meet certain technical and notice period requirements.  Judges require that landlords meet their burden of proof that they are entitled to an eviction before regaining possession of their property.

We understand the need for landlords to protect their investment property.  We strive to handle your matter as quickly and efficiently as possible.  When an eviction is necessary, our attorneys will guide you through the legal process to protect your interest in your income property. 

Wescott Law also appreciates the rights of tenants. We offer representation against unfair evictions under certain circumstances.

Areas of Service

Preparation of Eviction Notices and Demands for Rent

Non-payment of Rent and Other Evictions

Representation during Hearings



Lease Agreement Preparation

Representation of Tenants

Attorneys Servicing this Practice Area

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