Photo taken 1864

Wescott Law, PA, previously known as Wescott, Dyer, Fitzgerald & Nichols, PA, was formed in January, 2009, by the merger of two distinguished law firms in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, Wescott, Millham & Dyer, LLP and Fitzgerald & Nichols, PA. On May 1, 2014, the firm changed its name to Wescott Law, PA as a tribute to the founder. The Wescott firm was founded by Attorney Harold E. Wescott in 1927. Attorney Wescott went on to become Laconia City Solicitor and Belknap County Attorney. In 1947 he was appointed to the Superior Court bench and served as a judge until his retirement in 1957 (at that time, there were only six Superior Court Judges that served the entire State of New Hampshire). Judge Wescott then pursued an outstanding career as an attorney until his retirement in 1975.

Judge Wescott

Attorney Peter V. Millham joined the Wescott firm in 1959, and Attorney Rodney N. Dyer joined in 1964. The Wescott firm grew from there, with great numbers of skilled attorneys joining its ranks over the years. In addition to providing excellent client service, the firm has consistently maintained an emphasis on community service. The Wescott firm’s attorneys through the years have played important roles in the legal system and their local communities, including as Governors of the New Hampshire Bar Association, Belknap County Attorney, Mayor of Laconia, New Hampshire State Senator, Chairman of the Board of Laconia Savings Bank, and Judges in the Family and District Courts of the State of New Hampshire. The Wescott firm moved to its current location after a major renovation of what was formerly one of five elementary schools that served the City of Laconia. The grand Bowman Street School building was originally built in 1854, and features exposed brick walls, massive windows and eleven foot ceilings.

Photo taken circa 1925

The Fitzgerald law firm began as Fitzgerald & Sessler, PA in 1977 at a location on North Main Street in Laconia. The firm moved to 11 Academy Square in 1979, and capably served the needs of its clients there until it merged with the Wescott firm in January of 2009 and moved to the Bowman Street School location. The Fitzgerald firm has also had distinguished public servants among its ranks, including Belknap County Attorney, Mayor of Laconia, and Long Term City Solicitors for Franklin and Laconia.

Wescott Law, PA currently consists of eight attorneys with varying specialties. It is one of the largest law firms in New Hampshire north of Concord, and offers clients an experienced, full service law office.

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